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Racing Information - Notices of Race,
Instructions and more


BOPTYS uses SailWave handicapping software:


For race series scored with a club handicap  the National Handicap for Cruisers (NHC) methodology is used.   NHC is a progressive handicap methodology developed by the Royal Yachting Association UK  (RYA) that determines a new handicap for the next race based on the result of a boat's last race in much the same way the previous club handicapping system did.


When a boat first takes part in a club race and initially for the 2022/23 season each boat  will start on its base New Zealand Trailer Yachting Association (NZTYA) handicap number. After this it will develop its own personal club number which it will retain and use for future races.


To find out more about NHC handicapping methodology follow this link where there is an overview, FAQ  and for the mathematicians and explanation of the NHC algorithms SailWave uses to determine each boats progressive handicap.


For races and series not scored with a club handicap  SailWave will use NZTYA handicaps for each race.


If you would like to find out more about SailWave and  handicaps or would like to get involved in racing and scoring  talk to your Vice-commodore or any of the racing subcommittee.

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